We named our restaurant “Rurryon” grateful for the restauranteur Ruri’s hometown Innoshima. “On” in Japanese means “favor”,“kindness”, or ”support” of persons. We’d like to repay a favor to the hometown where Ruri was born and grew up.
We are particular about local production for local consumption. Our foodstuffs are vegetables, fruits and seafood here around, lemon pork of nearby Iwagi-jima Island, Hiroshima aging chicken, and so on.
Please enjoy mild and soft taste Indian curry (Everyone from child to the elderly can eat), and also original homemade Chai and Lassi.

We’d like to repay a favor to Ruri’s hometown Innoshima. We are particular about not only local production for loacal consumption but also the dishes, furniture, ornament, logo design which were made by local residents.